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Zarwin Baum Offers Free, Regularly Updated COVID-19 Resource Center for Pennsylvania Businesses

Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy P.C. Law Firm Updates its Resource Center to Include Recent Information on PPP, PA Re-Opening

Zarwin Baum, which is officially ranked as a preeminent law firm in the United States, opened a COVID-19 resource center page in March 2020 to provide free advice and news on legal topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics covered over the last few months include relief for small business owners, lockdown-related news and deadlines, an analysis of how COVID-19 was affecting workplaces and guidance for employers struggling to understand new legislation passed by Congress to deal with the aftermath of the global pandemic and economic shutdown.

Zarwin Baum has added several important updates in the last few weeks, with the most recent one providing information on the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act (PPFA). The notice is accompanied by a helpful, easy to use chart showing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) deadlines alongside new PPFA deadlines so business owners can keep tabs on when their loans are due. Zarwin Baum also notifies local business owners about important changes the PPFA makes to previous COVID-19-related legislation, including the removal of CARES Act-related restrictions that would have made it impossible for business owners to take advantage of payroll tax deferrals if their PPP loan was forgiven.

Zarwin Baum has been keeping a close eye on the construction and real estate agencies in Pennsylvania, providing regular updates on lockdown restrictions and requirements for companies in these fields. Zarwin Baum was pleased to announce that as of May 20, real estate professionals such as home inspectors, real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, notaries, and mortgage loan representatives were permitted to resume in-person activities. While these activities are subject to restrictions to ensure social distancing and prevent a second novel coronavirus wave, the news was surely welcomed by agents who were hampered by the inability to show houses and close deals in person.

The Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy P.C. Law Firm has a longstanding reputation for caring for the community. The firm’s lawyers and other staff members regularly engage in charitable activities to better the local community, contributing time and financial support to make the local area a better place. Local charities listed on the Zarwin Baum website include Women Against Abuse, The Second Chance Foundation, Philadelphia Bar Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and American Cancer Society, making it clear that Zarwin Baum provides aid in an impartial manner to people from all walks of life. At the same time, it’s not just local charities that need assistance. As businesses struggle through a global health crisis, economic lockdowns, and ongoing restrictions on regular operations, Zarwin Baum offers professional help and advice from its resource center to provide clear legal information so local company owners can make wise, well-informed decisions.

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